The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust, French intellectual and novelist

I have been a dramatherapist for twenty years and run a private practice in North London.  I work with children, young people and adults in one to one therapy and in groups. 

I am also a qualified clinical supervisor, working with therapists from a range of therapeutic disciplines.

My own therapeutic style draws on a mix of influences from creative work, to family work and talking therapies. Therefore, a session could involve talking, using projective techniques such as object sculpts or artwork , and distancing tools such as role play or story telling.

Sessions are always led by the needs and wants of the client. I believe that the grounding and safety of the therapy lies in the secure and trusting therapeutic relationship between myself and the client.  The relationship comes first and the tools with which to explore personal material and deeper processes follow.

Dramatherapy  can help:

  • find perspective.

  • express ones thoughts and feelings.

  • realise habitual patterns (in relationships, life).

  • discover more about what emotions are "carried" for others.

  • access ones "inner emotional world".

To discuss how dramatherapy can help, I can be contacted on:

phone: 07980 578 248

email: info@londondramatherapy.com